Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Panama - More than just a canal

If you were there you know how entertaining it was... if not let me inform

Rob and Linda Nottage gave their one of their usual excellent presentations absolutely filled with information and excellent pictures of their travels in Panama in 2009

It seems even lunchtime downpours and an in vasion by Army Ants (rapidly evicted) were unable to dampen the enthusiasm for our intrepid two, and the range of birds and insects they saw would put this into the top of many of our lists of places to go. There are challenges too.. Many flowers and butterflies not even our intrid duo could identify.

Their trip was a 2 centre trip organized through Canopy Tower and from that presentation I think many of our members will be seriously considering it as a potential future holiday... I may need to invest in another even longer lens for such a trip however so it could end up expensive


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