Biosciences Award Winners

The Cardiff Naturalists' Society is proud to award a prize for the best 2nd year Student fieldwork in memory of our former member Professor Ursula Henriques. The Prize is valued at £250.00 making it one of the premier prizes on offer in terms of value, and we hope a real incentive to excellence.

Full Details of the award and information about Professor Henriques 
can be found Here

This fund is now being supplemented by proceeds from the sale of the book collection 
of Dr Mary Gillham MBE who left us her collection of books
More information about Dr Gillham can be found Here

Lottie Moreland
For her work on
"The effect of climate on the reproductive success of different passerine birds"

Francesca Rowlands
For her work on
"Parrot fish foraging on coral reefs in Tobago"

Oonah Lessware
For her work entitled
"An assessment of coral reef fish assemblages and how they may shift towards or away from specialism in response to coral damage, bleaching or death"

Zoe Watts
For her work entitled
"The Secret Cleaners of the Reef"

For her work entitled
"The biological and environmental factors that govern the 'soundtrack' of the secondary lowland tropical rainforest surrounding Danau Girang Field Centre"

Poppy Mynard
For her work entitled
"The diversity of wood decay fungi in Sabah, Malaysia"

For her work entitled
"Who's biting me? An investigation into the effects of environment on mosquito diversity and abundance"

Alex J. Mullins
For his work entitled
"Investigation into the impact of tree diversity on the remaining woodland community"

Imogen Fox
For her work entitled
"Social Grooming in Long Tailed Macaque Societies (Sabah, Borneo)"
Zigmunds Orlovskis
For his work entitled
"Effects of Autochthonous and Allochthonous Primary Production on the Diversity of Invertebrate Feeding Guilds in a River Ecosystem"

Zalina Bashir Ali
For her work entitled
 "The Effects of Cleaning Stations on Dark Damselfish Territorial Behaviour"

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