Thursday, December 28, 2017

50 Presidents now on-line

Back in November I commented that as part of our 150th Celebrations I was putting information about each of our presidents onto our website

At that point I had reached 25. now I have reached the milestone of 50 presidential write-ups on the site and learned an awful lot about the society and the history of Cardiff at the same time

I have continued to learn and am sharing it in the hope that others will find it as interesting as I have done, or at the very least it will be of use to future researchers and harder for people to ignore the truth of the past (as I have found in some academic white up's of some events)

I've added

  • The president who served in three wars as a doctor running three major hospitals as he did it 
  • The president who was the first director of the National Museum but did not live to see it built
  • The president who rented 2 islands (Grassholm and Skomer) to protect them for the future
  • The president who lost an eye in WWI
And many more

Why not take a look at and read about it for yourself

There are a lot of interesting people to come, but it is taking time to do this and I hope you will not mind me taking the rest of this 150th year to complete the task

Of course in so much work there may be mistakes I have made or information or links between people I have not found. if you spot anything please just drop me a note via the contact form (top right of the page) and I will happily sort things out 

Andy Kendall

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Inspired by the Wrigglers ...

Eirian has clearly been inspired by the Wriggle talk as she has been out taking pictures which she is kindly sharing with us

Out on the beach ... 

and in close up ...

And one of the wonderful models in the museum...

If anyone else has interesting wildlife pictures I can grant you access to create a post yourself, or you can do as Eirian  did and just email them to me to share with the rest of the members


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Spotted in a field

Does anyone know what causes these mounds.

I was walking in the area around Neuadd reservoirs and I noted that 2 fields were covered in them, but just those 2 fields, the ones either side were "normal" it looks like a tussock of some kind rather than any underlying rock or soil, but I presume some specific grass/moss etc. must be responsible.

Its interesting that the tree has a ring around it so there may be some environmental factor in terms of the tree taking up water or something. Anyway I know we have loads of experts around so I thought I would ask 

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