Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Otters in Cardiff

We were pleased to receive this email from one of our members (Pauline Peregrine) recently who took a walk in Easrern Cardiff

"I don't know if you keep records of sightings - but would like to tell you that we saw an otter in the River Rhymney yesterday!  Clearly, I don't want to be too specific on the location for obvious reasons!  We were delighted to see the Otter - closest sighting we've ever had!"

The simple answer is yes we do like to keep records especially of unusual sightings and we would love to tell you about more of them here so we encourage people to let us know and also possibly record them directly with SEWBrec via their recording form at http://sewbrec.org.uk/recording-form.page

We know that the SEWBrec team keep in touch with information from the society so if you prefer to just tell us that's not problem
In the event of finding a dead otter, please telephone 08708 506506 (Environment Agency) and ask for your nearest conservation / biodiversity officer. You will be asked for the location of the otter and some other basic information.

The Cardiff Otter project investigate dead otters to determine cause of death and how that relates to their lifestyles. You can read more about such at the Cardiff Otter project website http://www.otterproject.cf.ac.uk/



  1. saw a dead one on side of road in rumney cardiff yesterday

  2. Thanks for that.. if you do look back at this posting can you give the Environment Agency a call on the details above as the otter project would probably love to see the specimen for their research

  3. We had a comment posted on this thread that I have not published as I felt it was a little too agressive in it's posted form, but it's not right to ignore issues so I will am posting a couple of quotes in case anyone feels that they would like to join in such a dicussion

    "Otters are an apex predator"
    "How will you all feel when an otter kills 5 maybe 6 maybe 7 newly hatch cygnets."

    If the original poster would like to reword their posting themseleves I would be happy to let it be published, and remove this


  4. I have seen a dead dog otter today 31st january 2014 at a place you would never thing to see it !!! as there is NO rivers or water for miles i have picked it off the road and layed it on the grass verge....
    the sighting of this otter is 50 yards down from the entrance to llanishen golf club...


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