Monday, February 26, 2018

75 Presidents and counting

I got so wrapped up in the project that I forgot to make a post when 75 Presidents were on-line

So now there are 82...

There is also some wonderful news in that the Family of Eleanor Vachell known to the family as Alie have been in touch and have offered some more information and pictures and have confirmed the family archives are well and being cared for by the family.

So we have been able to add some more previously unseen and previously published pictures to the Eleanor Vachell page which gives a much more detailed picture of her as a young woman and as a developing scientist under her Father's guidance

It's certainly worth another look at that Page and at the Charles Vachell page to take in some of the new pictures

We are really appreciative of the generosity of the family in sharing these (and more to come) pictures and we are happy that the role that this influential family had in the development of Cardiff is once again being recognised

Friday, February 23, 2018

Cwm Ivy

For those who missed the fascinating talk by Corrinne Benbow on the Cwm Ivy saltmarsh last night, you can find out about how this National Trust site was transformed here

Corrine has also kindly provided some links to YouTube video's that were made during the project so far.


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