Monday, July 16, 2012

Coryton Orchid Stolen

It is with great sadness that we report that the Common Spotted Orchid Var.rhodochila that was reported  in the Newsletter and again in 2011 in leaf and in full flower has been reported stolen

This wonderful bloom was reported as having been dug up in the following way
I am contacting you & your Society as probably interested persons, to inform you of illegal activity which has occurred at the Coryton roundabout Cardiff. 
I have been studying our native orchids for over 30 years & have visited many sites all over the UK. It was already known to me that an unusual form of the Common Spotted orchid (var rhodochila) occurred at the Coryton roundabout & this year after a trip to the Kenfig NNR on June 24th with 4 other naturalists, we stopped at Coryton on the return journey & found amongst the many normal Common Spotted & hybrid orchids, 2 beautiful specimens of var. rhodochila. One was fully out & the other which was the best specimen was just opening. I have seen var. rhodochila in Somerset,Wiltshire,Hampshire & Kent but this partly opened specimen at Coryton was the best I have ever seen.
I returned yesterday (1st July) to obtain photographs of this plant at its best & was devastated to see that both plants had been dug up. The selfish person who has done this has denied genuine naturalists the opportunity to see these beautiful plants possibly forever at this site & they will probably die off if the roots have been damaged.
Hoping that some plants may return one day.
Since that communication we have been in touch with the council and  the traffic wales group and there are no cameras covering the site so the police have no evidence to take action upon
Please if you hear anything get in touch and we can (in confidence if needed) pass on any information


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