Sunday, October 8, 2017

An Evening with Iolo Williams - Pictures from the evening

It was a SELL OUT ! and we had a wonderful time!

Even before the event it was clear that Iolo was a success with the crowd and he happily spent so much time having his picture taken that we had to ask some people to go directly in 

And it wasn't just the public who wanted a picture he made sure that the Museum warding staff felt welcome to pose for a picture

Once we did manage to get everyone to their seats, our president Chris Franks made the introductions and welcomed everyone to the event

It wasn't long before Iolo was entertaining us all with his tales of learning to tickle fish in his younger years

His explanations of how he had worked with the Gurka's and SAS on the protection of wild bird nests during his 15 years with the RSPB had the whole audience in raptures.

 And his tales of working with the television crews on many programs including springwatch (team in the background) were fascinating

Questions and Answers would have probably gone on all night had we permitted it !

but we had to bring things to a close with the drawing of our prize raffle (winner Judith Bradley collecting the first prize from Iolo)

After that we went into the main hall for the private reception for members.

Sorry if you have recently joined - we would have loved to have everyone through for that for everyone and new members included, but  it would have been cost prohibitive and we had to make that a member offer before the general ticket sales started

We did manage to get this picture of former and current presidents with Iolo.

From left to Right : - Steve Howe, Joan Andrews, Andy Kendall, Thomas Henry Thomas (statue of the 16th president created for the museum Dinosaur Babies exhibition), Linda Nottage, Iolo Williams, Patricia Wood, Chris Franks)

A good time was had by all...

Especially Chris ...

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