Tuesday, October 31, 2017

‘A most agreeable and enjoyable day’

As part of our 150th we have been partnering with a number of organizations and they are joining in with our celebrations

Recently I have had emails from Tony at the Glamorgan Archives who has penned a number of articles for their website based on our archive materials




I don't have any pictures from 1873, but that trip was led by a geologist so I hope you enjoy these geologists eye view of the Abbey with some pictures taken when Rhian and I had a day out there

These views show a range of building stones used at different places in the Abbey, and the impact that weathering has had on many of these stones. Many of the stones were not intended to be out in the weather because the structure would have had a roof, however some were clearly laid in different angles and you can see how water has got into the layers of rock and differentially weathered some of the layers

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