Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wriggle! The wonderful world of worms

What a good talk we had last night from Katie Mortimer Jones on the topic of Bristleworms and its certainly made me want to go and visit the exhibition at the museum

Katie gave us an introduction to worms at the beginning and it was fascinating to see yet another link to our history we are celebrating this years because one of the other of the three subclasses of Clitellata are the Hirudinea which are the leeches and are the source of the anti-coagulant Hirudin. This was discovered by Prof. John Berry Haycraft D.Sc., F.R.S.E. (1859-1922) our 34th President

She then explained in detail the many other forms of the bristle worms and whilst I knew they had some beautiful forms I was not aware of many aspects of the diversity and biology of them and it was really good to be learning about them from someone who is obviously a real global expert in them

(Picture of Hermodice carunculata Bristleworms by “prilfish”  Used under licence)

All in all a fascinating talk and one that really interested the members who were present with a lively discussion section at the end. 

Andy Kendall

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