Friday, October 21, 2011

Buterflies and Underwater Exotics

Cate Barrow entertained us royally last night with three talks, one about Butterflies and two about underwater exotics all supported by her excellent photography

She described herself as not being a Butterfly expert, but though leveraging the expertise of others including our very own Jeff Curtis and by spending a lot of hours in the field she has already done very well on reaching her goal of photographing all the UK butterflies

After that insect fest she showed us some of the underwater work she's being doing in various parts of the world including New Zealand, Australia and the Maldives.  Fantastic pictures of sharks, loads of smaller fish and many of the varieties of underwater invertebrates such as crabs, corals and polyps or many kind. She also shared come of the complexities of taking pictures in the underwater environment

Some more of Cate's picture can be seen on the Bristol Underwater Photography Group website

For anyone who loves looking at really well executed pictures of wildlife she's already offered to entertain us again next year so we're already looking forwards

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