Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Valleys from Green to Black and Back

Dr. David Llewellyn gave us an excellent talk tonight about the history and environmental work going on in the Valleys Regional Park which can be see in great detail on their website http://www.thevalleys.org.uk/

David is a captivating speaker and clearly passionate about the work he is doing in the projects initiative to co-ordinate, drive and promote activities related to the environment and heritage and associated tourism activities across the valleys of south Wales, working in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Heads of the Valleys and Western Valleys Regeneration Programmes, with marketing through the Valleys ‘Heart & Soul’ campaign, to change the reality and perceptions of the Valleys as a highly-desirable place to live, work and visit.

He also showed us many of the wonderful places you can visit as it says on the official Valleys tourism website  http://www.thevalleys.co.uk/ "The world is just waking up to the fact that The Valleys are home to a captivating choice of attractions and places to visit"

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