Monday, October 28, 2013


In a double header presented by Joan and Tricia our two past presidents of CNS. reported on an outing to "Antarctica” taking in the The Falklands wildlife and history, South Georgia and meeting up with the grand daughter of Ernest Shackleton. The ice sculptures from the glaciers and bergs were as spectacular as the scenery which really does make you wonder how anyone managed to cross those mountains. 

The intrepid duo had quite a better time in their adventure and they certainly had the best of accommodation in their former Russian spy ship. With Albatross and the like being easily visible from the heated bridge it made you wonder why they would want to get out, but out they did and dressed in bright red survival suits they went from ship to shore to have their adventures. 

You may think this attire would frighten off the wildlife, but none of it, as the seals just kept an eye on them and six different penguins made for an exciting time birdwatching. 


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