Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Christmas so Finland seems fun

Once again we had our Christmas event and once again it was loads of fun.

This year instead of me hosting a quiz we had a wonderful talk by Cate Barrow on her trips to Finland to photograph Bears, Woverines, Birds, butterflies and much more, all in excellent scenery

Her pictures were taken in the summer so nighttime pictures were full of colour and life with the cutest bears you could ever imagine 

Cate told us of her 12 hour shifts in hides to get superb pictures of Ospreys and has kindly given permission for me to share one with you here 

Osprey Making the Bed by Cate Barrow
 You don't get pictures like that without capability and dedication 

If you were not able to be there Cate has a new website at  and  if you want to look at the finland pictures specifically they are at

Cate has already told us about the places she is planning to go and we're all jealous of her plans if not the amount of camera gear she's planning to carry

So until next year Ho. Ho. Ho... 

Best wishes


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