Our programme for 2018

Details are added here as soon as meetings are arranged and confirmed.

Indoor meetings start at 7.30pm in Room 0.23 (ground floor) of the Cardiff School of Management Building, Metropolitan University, Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2YB - unless otherwise stated (*).

Sunday 7 Jan *

Cardiff Birdwatch (outdoor meeting)

Meet 10am on Wild Garden Road at the north end of Roath Park Lake.
Bring picnic if staying for afternoon, which may be to a second site.

Rob & Linda Nottage

Monday 15 Jan
Members' Evening
CNS members' short illustrated talks.
Phill Blanning on 'Late Summer in the Austrian Alps'; Linda Morris on 'Polish fungi'; Mike Dean on 'Monarchs and Madeira'; Andy Kendall 'Some past members of the Society'.

Wednesday 24 Jan
Deserts and Dinosaurs in Wales
The recent discovery of a new meat-eating dinosaur in early-Jurassic rocks near Penarth has helped fill a gap in the early evolution of these iconic creatures. Find out more about this and other dinosaur discoveries from south Wales.

Cindy Howells
Monday 19 Feb

A Saltmarsh Restoration Story
...As a nation we can no longer build our way out of trouble on the coast... Shifting Shores Policy, National Trust (2005).
"Cwm Ivy marsh in North Gower is the site of the first saltmarsh restoration project in Wales.  a real flagship site for National Trust and a magnet for a diverse array of wildlife. This is the story of how this gem of a site has made the dramatic transition from poor quality, rush-dominated land back into a fully-functioning saltmarsh. My talk will give an overview of the origins of the project, the processing involved and the wonderful and prolific wildlife that inhabits the range of habitats to be found there."
Corrinne Benbow

Thursday 1 March (*)
Mary Gillham: a Dedicated Naturalist

As SEWBReC's Mary Gillham Archive Project draws to its close, Project Officer Al Reeve summarises the project's achievements and results.

This is combined meeting with the Cardiff Group of the Wildlife Trust South and West Wales and the Student Wildlife Society Cardiff University. 

7:30pm. Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place, Cardiff.

Al Reeve
Monday 12 March
Student Bursary award evening
Presentation of this year's Biosciences Prize to the 2nd year student from the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, for their outstanding fieldwork. 

Plus a talk on developments at Ruperra Castle from the Secretary of the Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust.

Zoe Watts presents her award-winning work

Pat Jones-Jenkins

Monday 26 March

Saving near-extinct Birds - the inspiring story of the Seychelles
This talk illustrates the range of birds and other wildlife to be seen in the Seychelles and describes recent successful programmes for saving several bird species that had become critically endangered.

Note: this is a rearranged lecture (previously advertised as 1st February) and it will be held in our usual meeting room in the School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan Uni, Llandaff Campus.

Al Venables

Outdoor Meetings 2018

Saturday 12 May
10am to 1pm.

Taf Fechan Reserve- a joint trip with the Wildlife Trust

Taf Fechan is one of the Wildlife Trust’s most beautiful reserves.  It is just north of Merthyr Tydfil and is a broadleaved woodland reserve running along a limestone river valley.  A great place to see riverine birds such as dipper and grey wagtail, as well as many woodland species.  The Wildlife Trust’s Valleys Reserve Officer, Lorna Baggett, will be showing us around.  Meet at 10 am in the Lon Maes Du layby on Vaynor Road (  The visit will finish at 1pm. 

Lorna Baggett

Saturday 9th June

Time TBC

Insole Court, Cardiff

As part of the Insole Court Heritage Day, Cardiff Naturalists' Society have arranged for Tony Titchen to lead a walk around the grounds looking at the many interesting specimen trees to be found there. Duration around 1 hour 30 minutes. Parking, cafe and toilets are available at Insole but bear in mind that there will be many other visitors there enjoying the other events on offer on that day. For more information on Insole:

Tony Titchen
Saturday 30th June  10am to 1pm.

Pentwyn Farm and Wyeswood Common - a joint trip with the Wildlife Trust

We will be visiting two of the Gwent Wildlife Trust’s flagship reserves and will be shown around by Tim Green, their Senior Farm and Wildlife Development Officer.  The site includes one of the largest remaining areas of flower-rich grassland in Gwent and provides an opportunity to see hay meadows as they would have looked in the past, before the advent of intensive farming.  Meet at Pentwyn Farm (SO 523 094, NP25 4SE) at 10am.  After visiting the two reserves, we hope to retire to a local hostelry for lunch. 

Tim Green
Saturday 14th July  10am to 3pm.

Dare Valley Country Park - Insects of Colliery Spoil Tips - a joint trip with the Wildlife Trust
Recently we have begun to appreciate that old colliery spoil tips can be great habitats for a wide range of invertebrates and other wildlife, mainly due to the free-draining nature of the spoil substrate and the dry grassland and heathland that develops there.  Liam Olds has set up the ‘Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative’ and will be leading our visit to Dare Valley.  Amongst many other butterfly and bee species, we hope to see grayling and small pearl bordered fritillary.  Meet at the car park at Dare Valley Country Park (SN 98307 02702, CF44 7PT) at 10am.  There is a nice cafĂ© in the visitor centre so we will probably break for lunch about 1pm.

Liam Olds

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