Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wonderful World of Worms

Teresa Darbyshire of the National Museum of Wales gave us an excellent short talk after our AGM on The Wonderful World of Worms: Marine Bristleworms (Polychaetes) & Their Importance

This was an interesting talk and I had never realised how important these creatures were in understanding the marine environment around us in Wale. There is information about this work available on the Museum Website at http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/160/

Having seen some wonderful pictures Teresa was happy to answer a number of questions and key amongst these were questions about identification and she told us that there are plans for an on-line system similar to the excellent website about British Bivalves..

What website you ask... well here it is http://naturalhistory.museumwales.ac.uk/britishbivalves/Browse_taxa.php

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