Sunday, October 7, 2012

Radyr Court Road

One of our members has brought to our attention a proposed development of 48 houses on a greenfield site that will will be destroyed and replaced with a 48 dwelling housing estate, and the lane that will suffer 13 times the her words "I walk along this little woodland area often and would be devastated if they build all over it."

It's clear from the location of this development that the view from Hailey Park which we regularly visit will be compromised by this development

A campaign website has been set-up at

They are looking to get people to sing an on-line petition and need at least 50 local people on the petition, then they will earn the right to address the Planning Committee in person to make their feelings known.  But they would like many, many more, to demonstrate how much the local community values its rural surroundings.


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