Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Caves of Cefn Meiriadog, Denbighshire , a Bishop Darwin, a Chimney Sweep, Landmines and Science

Dr Elizabeth Walker enteretined us with the fascinating history of the Pontnewydd Cave and it's surrounding area, on the side of the Elwy Valley.

The history goes back to when the first human beings lived here. They were hunter gatherers who found warmth and shelter in the cave. There are a number of small remains (teeth)

By the 1530s, the caves of the Elwy valley were already famous, being noted by the antiquary John Leland in his itinerary of 1536–39, but their potential archaeological significance was not examined until 1830, when Cefn Old Cave was visited by the Reverend Edward Stanley (later Bishop of Norwich)

In more recent times Darwin visited the area along with Adam Sedgwick. Darwin considered this trip to North Wales to be one of his most important formative tours before he headed off for his most famous adventures.

More recently it was also used as an arms storage centre during the war.

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