Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CNS Transactions now on-line

Many years ago the National Library of Wales asked us if they could scan and put on-line the Cardiff Naturalist's Society Transactions

We heard nothing despite chasing, but finally they see to have got around to it and they have been spotted by one of our members

So here they are... Reports and transactions (Cardiff Naturalists' Society), 1900-1981

It's a fantastic resource and secures a copy of our works into the digital age

There is a comment in the text that "Reports and transactions (Cardiff Naturalists' Society) was published annually, containing scholarly articles on geology, archaeology and natural history, with book reviews and society notes. It was published between 1870 and 1986. For digitisation, the publication has been split into two sequences: Vol. 1 (1867) – Vol. 31 (1898-1899) and Vol. 32 (1899-1900) -Vol. 100 (1986)."

I can't find part 1, if anyone spots it please let us know 


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