Sunday, January 29, 2012

River action Plans for 2011-12 on-line

A little late for their intended dates, but welcome non the less are 2 documents that the CNS received recently

These are the River Rhymney and Nant Fawr Corridor Appendices 2011-2012 and the River Ely Valley Action Plan Appendices 2011-2012 

A search of the Council website has failed to turn these documents up there, but they are very informative and interesting documents and are therefore pleased to make them more accessible via our blog and website.

A description of the overview of all of the three rivers (The Taff is obviously included in the strategy) and the action plans and the 2010/2011 update documents for all three projects can all be found HERE

If anyone can turn up a link to the 2011/12 documents properly I'd be pleased to hear about it, please add a comment to this posting and we can update things as necessary


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