Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mary Gillham to be featured in Botanic Gardens exhibition

At the Christmas event we had in celebration of Mary's 90th Birthday I was asked for copies of pictures of Mary for an exhibition in the Botanic Gardens of Wales

Those there will note that none of the awful pictures I took were suitable and I made arrangements to get a better picture of her. For those who were there I think you will agree this is much better

This one has been chosen and will be in the exhibition, but we thought you may like to know more about the event

Here is what we know so far
Hi Andy,

We are in the process of writing the official introduction for our exhibition, but I can give you some advance info. We have a working title now, 'Inspirational Botanists - Women in Wales', the exhibition will be held in the Gallery at the Botanic Gardens (opposite the gift shop) for the month of March with the official opening on March 8th to co-incide with International Womens' Day. We will focus on 11 women:

1. Lady Caroline Wilkinson 1822 - 1881 Amateur botanist and artist from Gower
2. Eleanor Vachell 1879 - 1948 Amateur botanist from Glamorgan
3. Mary  A.E. Richards 1885 - 1977 botanist, Merionethshire
4. Elsie Wakefield 1886 - 1972 mycologist, Swansea and Gower
5. Irene Vaughan 1889 - 1993 field botanist and County recorder Carmarthenshire
6. Prof Lily Newton 1893 - 1977 phycologist, prof of botany Aberystwyth
7. Janet Macnair 1903 - 1975 amateur botanist Monygomeryshire
8. Ann Connolly 1917 - 2010 professional botanist, Lleyn and Bardsey
9. Dr Mary E. Gillham 1921 -  botanist, naturalist and writer, Welsh Islands
10. Dr Helgi Opik 1936 - plant cell biologist and senior lecturer Swansea
11. Dr Dianne Edwards Palaeobotanist, Cardiff
12. Dr Lynne Boddy Mycologist, Cardiff
13. Dr Natasha de Vere Plant researcher, NBGW

Yes, I know I said 11, two have been removed from the list as there was insufficient information available to include them, and as neither of them were 'mine', I can't recall who they were. 

Sorry Andy, I will find out!
If that's whetted your appetite look in here at the blog a little closer to the date and we should have more information

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