Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unusual Orchid at Coryton

Regualr readers of our newsletters will remember the highlights that we've found on the Coryton Roundabout Nature reserve

This very unusual place in the middle of the largest roundabout in Wales has turned out to be one of the riches places we've surveyed and keeps throwing up surprises every time we visit.

What with Long Winged forms of Short Winged Conheads some years ago, and now Common Spotted Orchid Var.rhodochila being found and confirmed it's a waiting game to find out what is next.

We had wonderful sights of the Bee orchids and the white form of the Common Spotted Orchids around the roundabout this year as well as the usual sightings of the Twayblade and the Broad Leaved Helleborines.

Hybrids abounded with many Common Spotted / Southern Marsh crosses, and we found the Pyramidal as well, but for unusual, a candidate from this year's walk is this specimen which was unfortunalty not yet in flower, but had such vibrant purple leaves that it stood out from the surrounding specimens quite clearly

The upper leaves show some blotchyness reminiscent of the Common Spotted Orchid, but the lower leaves are almost completely purple

But their undersides are green

If anyone can shed any light on this and whether it's truly as unusual as those of us on the walk felt it was, we would be pleased to hear from you via email or simply add a comment to this posting


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