Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mutant Foxglove

Hi all,

thought you may be interested in the attached photograph. It's the top flower of a Foxglove spike in our garden .In fact we have three other Foxglove plants in the garden all showing the same aberration.

Anyone out there have any ideas as to the cause?


  1. This is a deformity, caused by a transposable element in the DNA. It's known as a peloric flower and can occur in other species of plants such as penstemons. Chris Taylor (CNS member)

  2. I saw one this weekend like this

  3. i have two in my garden i have never seen this befor

  4. I was amazed to find this foxglove in the flowerbed recently. I didn't plant it so it must have seeded form somewhere! Will any seeds I take produce similar plants?

  5. I have one that is much the same in my garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It came out yesterday. The plant it has appeared on is wild-seeded. Foxgloves are not a native plant here and are probably a late 19th century import from England into British Columbia. I willtry to collect seeds and see if they produces more of these odd plants. Has anyone tried that before?

    June 10, 20112


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