Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rearranged talk - Dan Foreman - The ecology and conservation of the African Wild Dog

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

The long awaited second attempt at this talk from Dan Foreman
Many will remember the blizzard that occurred last time Dan tried to give us this talk  
The good news is there are no Weather warnings this week

The even longer awaited third attempt at this talk.
Dan has now recovered from his Flu and is raring to go
Please pass on the news to any members who are not email regulars
and who may not have tuned in to the blog yet

the African wild dog is an iconic carnivore that is walking a tightrope of extinction. This talk will delve into the social ecology of this wonderful predator and discuss the problems this (and many similar species) are facing throughout the world”

The meeting will be in Room D.106 on 1st floor of the
UWIC Llandaff Campus
Western Avenue

Meeting begins At 7:30

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