Tuesday, April 3, 2018

100 Presidents on-line

The title says 100 Presidents on-line.

However it's not actually true, there are 104 if you count them one way and only 97 if you count another

The way I have been posting these updates is from the sequence of Presidential occupancies and not the actual web pages.

I have just posted Presidential occupancy 100 that being Dr Joyce Lloyd who I am glad to say I knew and was a lovely person to talk to about wildlife adventures she had had, and someone who said she enjoyed hearing about my adventures as well. However Presidential occupancy 101 Mrs Mairead Sutherland is already on-line as we had a wonderful obituary of her in electronic format and it was easy at the start of this project to create that page.

There are some others already on-line out of sequence so the number of presidential occupancies is 104

However the number of files that have gone on-line is just 97 for the simple reason that some presidents were in post for a number of years, and that some were presidents for more than one term, just not in sequence

There are a few people who are still living who have not agreed for a profile to go on-line or have just not managed to get around to providing one. Anyway I'm still saying that 100 are on-line, and there are just 15 left to do to complete the project

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