Monday, October 6, 2014

Next Indoor Meeting, on 13 Oct: Sally Snow on Whale Sharks

At the next indoor meeting of the CNS, on Monday 13 October, Sally Snow will talk about 'The world's largest fish: an introduction to the whale sharks of the Philippines'.

The meeting will be held in Room 0.23 (ground floor) at the Cardiff School of Management, Llandaff campus, Metropolitan University, Western Ave, Cardiff.

Sally Snow was born in west Wales. She grew up sharing a house with wildlife, because both her parents were also Doctors of Zoology. Sally studied Zoology and Psychology at Bristol University, which led to her working both as a researcher and associate producer on programmes for the BBC, National Geographic and S4C.

In 2012, her interest in whale sharks took her to the Philippines. She joined a team at WWF-Philippines, and then became involved with Physalus, a non-governmental organisation specialising in Marine Vertebrates. Sally is now part of the small team that helps run Physalus’ Large Marine Vertebrates Project in the Philippines (LAMAVE). It is her work with Physalus that will form the basis of her lecture to the Cardiff Naturalists' Society. 

According to her website: "She continues to divide her time between her production work, developing her own film projects, working with rural communities to help them develop sustainably, conducting conservation research and holding her breath underwater for as long as possible to identify Whale Sharks and the occasional Manta Ray."

We look forward to welcoming you to the talk.

For further information about Sally Snow and Physalus, see the following websites:

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  1. Well that was an absolutely fascinating talk

    Sally was informative and entertaining and some really in depth information on the current state (or lack of it in places) of understanding on the biology and life of these fascinating creatures.

    I was amazed by the pictures of the tourist boats that surround these fish in some places, and it really does make you think about the difference between wildlife tourism and proper eco-tourism that looks after the needs of the wildlife.

    I don't know who suggested her as a speaker, but really well done whoever it was and I really look forward to hearing more about this project in the future


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