Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013 - 14 Programme is now on-line

Our New programme is now on-line as you can see

As was noted to members in the last newsletter we have LOADS and LOADS of really wonderful wildlife books for sale. The plan is that each and every indoor meeting this year will be preceded by a book/picture sale until I have nothing left in my front room.

The books are those left to the society by Dr Mary Gillham. There are books on just about everything and keys on all plant and animal groups, new naturalists, large format picture books and many, many books written by Mary Gillham herself.

We’ve boxed them up into general categories, but I won’t be going through them and bringing them in any specific order as there are simply too many boxes to be going through them each time. So the best thing you can do is get there early (from about 7:00) and give yourself time to browse and chat with other members.

To members, most things will be name your own price, but there are some rare books we know have value and will be putting a suggested donation on. All proceeds from these sales will be going towards our Student prize fund so you’ll be helping me get my front room back and the society with your donations and the next generation by funding their studies

Non members will be requested to offer a little more in donations for the books that were published with prices as per the publications page on the CNS website. Members prices will be so low you should seriously consider joining us

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