Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wales Wonderful Wildlife Opening

Members of the Cardiff Naturalists Society enjoying the opening of the Wales Wonderful Wildlife exhibition at the West Wharf gallery. Members were able to enjoy the exhibition and share a glass of win with the gallery owner Elizabeth Cooling who is our former membership secretary 

The exhibition features the work of Rob & Linda Nottage, Raj Chettri, Paul Bowden, Phill Blanning, Mary Salter, John & Margaret Samuel, Rhian & Andy Kendall, Lucy Fay,  Rebecca Sheahan, Mike Scott, Eirian Edwards

The people who have supplied these pictures are members of the society. They include amateur naturalists and professional ecologists all of whom are keen to share their wonder in the natural world. 

The pictures have been taken on a range of equipment showing that you don’t have to spend a lot on camera equipment (though many of us do), understanding the wildlife and environment is much more important

If you are thinking of visiting the exhibition let me give you a few more reasons to in these following pictures, You can enjoy this excellent selection of photographs in really comfortable surroundings as the pictures are arrayed with comfortable seating and are right next to the cafe area where you can get a coffee and some really excellent carrot cake amongst the offerings

The exhibition is next open on the 6th—8th June 10am - 5pm which are the opening hours of Jacobs Market

You can read more about the gallery on the West Wharf Gallery Facebook page of on their new website

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