Sunday, May 6, 2012

Traditional Orchards Wales

We recently received the following which may be of interest to our members

"Dear Cardiff Naturalists’ Society,

I recently contacted you to inform you about the PTES Traditional Orchard Survey project which is taking place across Wales.

We have now finished mapping the orchards in the Cardiff area using aerial photos and are ready for volunteers to go out and survey them on the ground. We need hundreds of survey volunteers across Wales to ensure the inventory is as accurate and complete as possible, so this is an appeal for help in recruiting them!

If you have a website, newsletter, social media page or noticeboard where you would be able to publicise the project please get in touch. The attached project leaflet can be circulated to other local groups or anyone you think may be interested (hard copies are available if required). I can also provide articles, posters or flyers.

The survey requires no prior experience as we provide a full survey pack with clear instructions, and volunteers can do as little or much as they feel able in their own time.

I look forward to hearing from you with any offers or suggestions"

If you want further information take a look at their website

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