Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frogs and Toads

Feb. 16th:  Frogs spawning in our pond.  Saw about 24 frogs and 22 blobs of frogspawn.  The next day I counted 32 blobs.

Feb. 26th:  Attempted another count and found at least 110 blobs.

March 3rd:  Spawn very difficult to see by this time but at least 120 blobs.  Thought I saw a few frogs still spawning but on closer inspection found they were toads - at least 20 and numerous strings of toadspawn.  There were toads crawling and mating all over the place, the smaller males clinging to the backs of the females while other males tried to dislodge them.  The strings were impossible to count, wrapped as they were around pond plants.

March 5th:  More toads spawning.  Counted 6 pairs mating and a couple of lonely males!


  1. WOW

    Well done Mary what a fabulous set of pictures

    It makes the measily few blobs we hqve in our pond look sad, but then I think your pond is a bit bigger than ours


  2. I love frogs and toads so am delighted to see these great photos and read your report!


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