Sunday, July 3, 2011


What an absolute delight today was !

I'm certain that a full write-up will appear in due course in the newsletter and it will be written by someone with a much better botanical knowledge than me. However, for now, and maybe to whet your appetite for other events this summer here are some pictures and some thoughts from what was a fantastic day out for the 30 or so of us that made it to this event

First off the location. we were honoured to be allowed to walk around these private gardens and admire the house as well. This is a private house on land which has been owned by the Traherne family back to Henry VII. Most notable of the family were the Reverend John Traherne, who during the 19th Century was a scholar and collector of scientific manuscripts, and Sir Cennydd Traherne, who was Lord Lieutenant of Glamorgan from 1952 to 1974. We were lucky not to see any Cybermen on our visit

Next the trees and the leadership - Tony Titchen (in red shirt below) is rightly recognised for his excellent leadership of such events

Third the weather .. mind you we had to shelter in the shade sometimes as the skies were almost unbroken blue which at this time of year can be a little too much.

Thank goodness this was a tree walk as they provided the necessary shade in abundance. You can play spot the CNS member in this picture

And the trees were magnificent as well including this filbert (Corylus maxima)

And these fascinating resin oozing cones of Abies kawakamii


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