Friday, January 21, 2011

Members Evening Review

For those who were not there this years members evening was a cracker !

We stated with the inauguration of our new president which was described earlier in this blog, and then moved on the entertainments for the evening

In running order we had

Joan Andrews told us of the wonderful work that our neighboring group the Merthyr & District Naturalists trust have been doing in Penmoelallt woodland. You can read more about the rare trees that they look after in thus Wales on-line news article

Bruce McDonald entertained us with his tales of traditional Orchards past and present, and the wealth of wildlife that is harboured in mature trees, but unfortunately absent in the much younger trees of modern high intensity commercial orchards

Paul Bowden explained how he had been able to turn a business trip into a wonderful treat of birdwatching and culture visiting the Roman sites of northern Lybia. Paul being a very keen birder had used the Internet to it's best to make contact with all of the right people to ensure he got to the right places. With a with his 14 new species to his life list he seemed rightly pleased with the trip

Linda Nottage provided a wonderful snapshot of the encounters she had had with the birds, beasts and insects, all of the feathered and furry kind and within the past year. (yes the insects in the pictures were furry as well !

Andy Kendall provided an insight into the fossil hunting delights of the Moroccan cities and deserts with an Audio Visual presentation including the dangerous dinosaur mines and the souks of Marrakesh (more information available HERE

Phil Blanning showed us just how much fun you can have in a year when you become semi-retired as he and Linda seemed to have been just about everywhere and halfway round the world. From his Orchid tour to the forests of India.

And finally, but not least

Graham Duff showed us once again why he and Margaret love visiting Lesvos with another fine selection of pictures and wildlife encounters


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